Activities That Can Be Done In Villa Rental Regions

When the Aegean and Mediterranean Region are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the seas that you cannot get enough to watch. However, it should not be missed by the deep-rooted history of these regions and the sharp texture of nature. While you are enjoying this atmosphere in your Rental Villa Holiday in Turkey, when you want to color your holiday, we list our activity suggestions to be made in these regions for you;


Jeep and Quad Safari



In the Jeep and Quad Safari tours, where ice spring waters will surround you, you can visit Yaka Nature Park and Saklikent Valley, where coolness touches your face, you can enjoy the observations that come from the delicious fingers of local women, enchanted by the ancient ruins of Tlos Ancient City and Kayakoy. You can already animate the time filled with their voices in your mind. You can see the Villas to rent in Turkey options close to the regions suitable for your activities here.



Boat Tours



If you want to see beautiful bays in your Villa Holiday in Turkey, Boat Tours are just for you. Even if you have a car, you can reach many coves you can not go with Boat Tours, you can return to your rented villa and relax in peace after swimming in the bay that has hidden more than 12 days in a day. We are sure that it will be an activity that you will swim in many points such as Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye, Marmaris, Dalyan, Rhodes, OlUdeniz, Butterfly Valley and end the day with pleasure.



Dalyan Tour



We are aware that the Aegean Region is treated a little generously. In Dalyan, where our rental villas are very close, you can join the tour and walk among the reeds, lie in natural spas where sulfur springs come out and take a mud bath. While swimming at Iztuzu Beach, you may even have the opportunity to meet Caretta Caretta turtles.



Azmak Tour



The Azmak river in Akyaka, close to Marmaris and Datca, is fed with ice-cold natural resources and offers an extraordinary visual feast to its guests. You can feel the coldness of the water with your feet while walking along with the ducks in the flow of the protected river with the boat tour you take amongst the reeds. We recommend this region, which is famous for its breakfast, as one of the closest spots to our rental villa options.



Tlos Ancient City and Saklikent Tour



When you visit the ancient city of Tlos, which is also known as the Lycian Region, one of the oldest residential areas of the geography, you can see the history of a mystical city on the spot. When you pass through the temple tombs and reach the top of Tlos Castle, you will be able to soak the entire plain with the wind. When you rent from our Holiday Villas in the region, you can easily visit these places, which are very close to you, after a nice breakfast.



Next is Saklikent Canyon, which is located close to Tlos and presents the cool waters coming from the mountains to humanity with a visual elegance. You can enjoy life in the song of Esen Stream by lying down on the sofas where the rugs and slopes of the region are laid in the Saklikent Canyon, which is at a depth of meters that are shaded by long rocks.



With the assurance of Important Group Travel, it is now very easy to discover these beauties that are close to the surroundings of your holiday villa in Turkey.



Paragliding - Diving



When you come to the Aegean Region, if you want to see the fabulous beauty of Oludeniz from the air, we recommend you to try the paragliding.



Even if you are one of those who are looking for adrenaline deep, we recommend diving points. It is possible to easily reach places where you can dive and try for the first time in many regions close to the sea.



We thought there might be nice options for you to take a break from the calm atmosphere of your villa vacation in Turkey. You can examine our site for holiday rental options close to the environment and you can reach us at the numbers 0090 252 319 01 71 and 0090 532 652 06 09.



Kayakoy Village Tour



Consider churches, chapels, abandoned narrow streets and an impressive nature based on a rather old history. You are in Kayakoy, an old Greek Village located between Fethiye and Oludeniz and known as Ghost Village.



You can eat toast in the coffee in the new settlement of this abandoned Greek Village located in the nature, you can have your breakfast in beautiful places and enjoy nature with organic flavors. We recommend you to see Kayakoy, which is located in an area close to our Rental Holiday villas.



You can rent a villa close to the region by browsing our villa rental options, you can create a calm, peaceful and comfortable holiday for yourself and your loved ones with the difference of Important Group Travel.




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